Spotkanie z Dr. Sujit

Mar 8th 2010, 18:47 | Archiwalne | Administrator

Dear Students

We are two Norwegian medicalstudents of the English program-5th year.

In 2008 and 2009 we worked in India for a small organisation, IIMC, Institute for Indian Mother and Child. IIMC work for promoting health and education for one of the poorest societies of the world. The aim of IIMC is to fight povery-giving help to selfhelp.

The founder of the organisation, Dr.Sujit Kumar Brachmohary, is travelling all the way from India to Krakow to hold a presentation for all students, Polish, English, Norwegian and-who ever is interested in coming to meet him. We hope that as many Polish students from medicine, economy and teacher-students will join us on this occation to hear about the many tings WE, the new young generation, can do to make the world move into a better future.

Dr.Sujit is a pediatrician, he has worked alongside Mother Theresa, and he has collaborated with World Peace Pricewinner Muhammed Yunus in creating microcredit banking system to fight povery. In 1989 he started an organisation, Institute for Indian Mother and Child and he has done wondres for the society in West Bengal, India. As volunteer medical students we learned a lot working in Inida, and as individuals we learned even more! The students who are interested in coming to the convention the 16th of March will have the pleasure of listening to a very exiting man, to get inspired, and even apply for volunteering in the great India.

Best regards
Karen Sřmborg and Ebba Glřersen Müller
5the-year medical students and IIMC volunteer workers